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About Us

Why is the mustard green?

Green Mustard Entertainment started as an anime fan club called Wasabi Anime in 2001. In 2007, we realized that having “anime” in the group’s name limited our prospects to Asian pop culture. Thus, we adopted the corporate name of Green Mustard (our slang term for “wasabi”) in order to diversify into other spheres.

Today the company now offers services that cater to the consumer-focused media event market. This includes event design, implementation and consulting in both the operations and entertainment space. Additionally, our Talent For Cons division is one of the premiere booking services for acquiring celebrity talent for conventions and expos around the world.

If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out via the information below.

Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc.
PO Box 644437
Vero Beach, FL 32964
(407) 536-9272