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ASSIMILATION was a weekend long celebration of science fiction film, literature and television hosted by Green Mustard, LLC at the The Radisson Worldgate Resort Orlando in Kissimmee, Florida. The convention took place September 29-30, 2007 and featured a celebrity dinner, dealers room, panels and other staple events of fan conventions. The celebrity guest list was designed to focus on science fiction as it appears in various formats.

Film & Television
ETHAN PHILLIPS (“Neelix” from Star Trek: Voyager)
TRACY SCOGGINS (“Capt. Elizabeth Lochley” from Babylon 5)

RICHARD HORVITZ (“Invader Zim” from Invader Zim)

MICHAEL A. STACKPOLE (New York Times Bestselling Author)
GLENDA C. FINKELSTEIN (Acclaimed Local Science Fiction Author)

Video Games
ROOSTER TEETH PRODUCTIONS (Creators of “Red vs Blue”)